Why hire a Garden Coach?
A Garden Coach can teach you how to work with your garden, to make good choices with plantings and avoid expensive mistakes. Many people have no trouble imagining their perfect garden, but find that the process between visualizing and actually creating can be tricky without the proper guidance.

Using a Garden Coach to give advice, answer your questions and make suggestions on a one-to-one basis can not only improve your garden but boost your confidence as a gardener. Its a unique, inexpensive, hands-on approach to gardening.

Who hires a Garden Coach? 
Anyone from new homeowners looking to build and care for their first garden to experienced gardeners hoping to renovate and make changes to their existing garden.

How does a Garden Coach differ from a landscaper?
Landscapers are hired to design and carry out the actual work in the garden, whereas coaches teach homeowners to care for their own garden.

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